You know, dating isn’t all that – dating is a task. Think about it, dating in a world full of men who objectify women and bypass any notion of intellectual conversation is tough – it’s rare. There are also the odd few men who simply cannot fathom the notion of women being strong and independent and feel the need to handball a thousand insults and putdowns to emasculate themselves and sustain a safe and cautious distance that provides them with ‘control’.

Imagine swiping a few profiles each night before bed, reading vague and hideous Tinder bio’s detailing their height, level of education and their secret talent – how do you know who is the good guy? Perhaps it’s just rare that men look for intelligence and independence before appearance because it’s too challenging?

Are women too challenging?

It pains me that we have evolved into a generation who consider their sexual organs as a brain. Is it all too difficult to simply revert to the dating mannerisms of our grandparents? Imagine, we could all still be living in a Nicholas Sparks movie and experience butterflies in our stomach because of a gentleman and not a ‘fuckboy’.

Just, imagine.