I have always been clear of boundaries, I am not here to be the homewrecker in any relationship which is also why I find it really weird when my mates actively pursue their open relationship and disclose intimate details with me – kind of takes the fun away from being the single girl with all the men at the touch of a finger. Don’t get me wrong, I still find absolute pleasure in sharing screenshots detailing the absolute worst pick up lines, bigot ideologies and general conversations featuring a gigantic slosh of big dick energy.

The dating application, Hinge, has been an interestingly brief journey for me recently. The minimalist design was obviously a huge attraction for me, but I am just a sucker for a minimalist design. Most importantly, I noticed a vast improvement in maturity on the application – huge shocker, I know!

So there’s this guy, smooth running conversation but very eager and persistent to meet up and grab a drink – doesn’t really work with my busy lifestyle as easily as one might think. For about a fortnight he would randomly message me to see if I was free, failing to maintain communication otherwise. Just yesterday he asked once again if I was free, followed swiftly by; “I’m looking to enter into a relationship with someone else shortly, so I was wondering if you were interested in someone casual beforehand.”

Get out of town.

Was he serious? Well apparently so. He even mentioned that he had discussed it with this future girlfriend and they’d agreed upon it. Sounds like a brave start to their relationship, not sure how exclusive that will keep though.

I’m aware that this is only a brief blog, but it’s just insane that a man looking to buckle down and do the whole exclusive thing managed to worm his way into a free pass before the relationship even begun. Was the missus really aware or was this dude just after a fast side piece?